Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you up to the challenge?

I was listening to a CD over the last few days titled "Princess Power"and it got me thinking. So what does any computer savvy person do in this day and age, Google it. Really, I remember hearing people call little girls their princess. But when did it stop being okay to not want to be a princess? When did it stop being okay to want exquisite things, sparkling tiaras, gorgeous gowns and grand balls? And when did we stop wanting our handsome prince?

Think about this, don't men really deep down just want something to fight for?

So, what does it mean to be a princess? How does a princess act? What are the characteristics of a princess? So I did some research --- I wanted to really know, so I am sharing with you.

A princess is noble: She carries herself with poise and dignity. She listens attentively and chooses her words carefully. A princess always controls her emotions and makes choices based on what is right. Her choices revel her character. She has a strong sense of duty, she knows she is a princess.

A princess is selfless: She does what is best for the people of her kingdom. She is a server, she chooses to focus on others. A princess is humble: She does not demand special treatment because she is a princess. She refrains from bragging or boasting. A princess will seek and accept advise.

A princess is kind: She is gentle, compassionate, patient and forgiving.

A princess is trusting and faithful: She is easy to trust and shows her faithfulness in her actions.

A princess is respectable and admirable: A princess does not just complete her prince, she builds him up. She respects him and compels him to greatness. He is a hero in her eyes.

These qualities will still attract a prince today. We need to remember, we are all princesses. We are the daughters of The King. When exhibit these qualities we are looked highly upon, like the princesses we are. We are all princesses, but we may not look it right now. Here is what is great.

We can start becoming a princess at any time.

I am currently on the path of becoming a princess. I know that I am the daughter of The King, but there are many areas where I can be better than I am. This is a journey. Life is a journey. Success is a journey. I am going to fail my way to the top and learn from my mistakes. In the end I will be the princess people can look up to. My dash will mean something. I will have made a difference while I was here on this earth.

God has already blessed me with my prince, but everyday I strive to be a better wife. I strive to be a Proverbs 31 wife. I strive to respect him. I strive to be the princess he deserves. I thank God for him everyday. I pray that I build him up more than I tear him down.

My question is when will more ladies strive to be real princesses rather than what the American Society has turned the word into. What does it currently mean to be a princess? You must love glamour, pink and glitter. You must have tons of money or max out your credit cards with all day shopping. You tell people what to do and where to take you. You have your little accessory dogs and drink expensive coffees. You think you make the world a prettier place. I wonder if you became a real princess if you would even know how to handle it?

I would like to take all the things that a princess is and combine it with what the word has become to mean. I would like to really just add one.

A princess is authentic: She is true to her style. If she likes the glam she likes pink and glitter. If she likes the punk rock scene her appearance fits it. She carries herself with poise and confidence. She does make the world a prettier place by doing what she was called to do. She makes a difference. Parents would not be ashamed that their daughters want to be her. She can handle everything that comes her way because she knows that everything goes to God in prayer. He will never let her handle more than she can bear. He is her Father, He is watching out for her.

He is Our Father, He is watching out for us. My final question for you is: Are you willing to take the challenge? Are you willing to become the princess you always wanted to be?

Your tiara is waiting.


  1. I just wanted to say that I thought this was a very inspiring post, because I think too many people are caught up, as you say, by the "glamour" of being a princess, and never really think about what kind of responsibility that position might entail.

    I agree with what you said about your hubby too, about trying to build him up and not tear him down. I struggle to do that every day myself, and I pray that he has the same consideration for me (of course I wonder). Even for the guys out there, they should think about what it means to be a PRINCE, and only a couple united can make a great kingdom come true!

  2. hey i'm the mother f***ing princess.

    ha. sorry. but you know it's true :)


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