Sunday, August 24, 2008

Old People + Parking Lot Rage = Stupidity

I never thought that grocery shopping would be so eventful!

After doing some blogging this morning (check out my profile for other blogs) I made a grocery list, asked Keith if there was anything he needed, double checked the necessities, and went to the store. Now like most people we are trying to make $1 go where $5 should. -- That is why when I am reading other people's blogs and I see adsense I make sure to click at least one -- Any hoo !! I digress. By stretching the dollar that means I go to 3 stores. Yes it kind of sucks, but I got a whole week plus for right around $60.00.

I start at Aldi's get the off brand stuff that it's not a big deal what brand we get. No big issues, except I don't shop there much so I don't know where anything is and I have to go up and down all the aisles. Now here is what is so fun about Aldi's. If you don't bring your own bag you have to buy them. I used to shop here for my clients so I knew that part. I go shopping with a large tote and cooler in tow. I am going to 3 places remember. So I get everything in the car and head back towards home. Next stop is along the way. The Super Wal-Mart.

I go in get what I need. They did not double bag everything like last time. Good for them. So here is where the excitement begins.

I load up the car. I return the cart. A lost art at Wal-Mart, but anyway, again I digress. I get in the car and heading in the correct direction down my aisle of the parking lot. All of a sudden there is a large white conversion van cutting across all the parking spots and pulling out in front of me. I then do something not so characteristic of me, but they were less than 5 feet in front of my car. I laid on my horn. (My usual reaction to stupidity is to shake my head and let the Moe Ron move along)

The driver of this van continues to be an idiot. They zip around to cut back across the lanes, turn down an aisle 2 in front of me, pull into the driving lane and stop. Just stop. They just sit there. I get a look at who is driving this van. AN OLD MAN. This GRAMPS is going to cause a major accident. In the passenger seat is his GRANNY of a wife. In the backseat is their patriotic daughter. (Red Neck, White Trash, Blue Collar) She is on her cell phone looks at me and waves as they are sitting there blocking traffic.

I think, well I will back up and go the other way - knowing they were going to do something stupid again. Then comes the SUV that gets involved. He keeps inching forward next to the driver side of my car (in the lane for oncoming traffic). The van backs up for him to get past. He motions for me to go ahead. When I start to move, the van bolts ahead again. The guy in the SUV motions for me to roll my window down he said I will watch them for you, I saw what they did to you back there. I thank him and he starts to move ahead again they completely get out of his way, but he stays in the wrong lane and I drive with him in the proper lane. When we got past them he had me go ahead of him and he got behind me until we were on the main street.

That was only my 2nd stop! Thank God there were no other issues.



  1. Since my dad lived until 82 and my mom is 81, I tend to disagree with the "old people shouldn't drive" - but I agree that they should be tested regularly.

    It's more the fault of their kids not doing something about it, but if they're as you described, what do you expect?? :) My dad was a cop his whole career and refused to admit he couldn't drive any more. He cried and moaned until one day we just let him drive. I think it actually scared him to death, and he never drove again.

    I have more problems with the cellphone users and teenagers than I do with old people driving.

    Anyway, a long winded way to say what I did. Good piece though!


  2. o.m.g. i agree with you! working at a grocery store I HATE THE ELDERLY. Here's my stories:
    1. the old man that backed into my car at walmart because he did not look if anyone was behind him. his rebuttal: "i backed out slowly"

    2. this regular customer at pick n save who almost hit me one day GOING THE WRONG WAY DOWN THE AISLE when i was trying to leave. it doesn't help that this guy is a jerk to begin with!!

    3. The old people who drive FIFTEEN MILES PER HOUR DOWN MAIN STREET

    4. The old lady driving with a flat tire through pick n save's parking lot the other day. SHE DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE!

    omg it's terrible. i could go on all day...

  3. p.s. COUPONS! i'm telling you. you will be amazed what you save!!

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