Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Day!

Last weekend I scored a major purchase, as did I the weekend before. Neither item will fit in our car so they have been sitting at the in-laws houses. Yes one at each house. Well today we are borrowing my dad's van and picking up our major purchases.

Crib - $20 yard sale (It is one that full price was easily in the $300 range - I know we have been shopping for them!)
Changing table - $10 yard sale (Not sure what this one would have been, not the cheapest we have seen, but not the most expensive either. I would say maybe $180 ish.)

A yard sales savings of $450.00!

And the stuff looks almost brand new! The only piece of wear and tear is on the crib.... a tinker bell sticker.

Posting pictures once they are together and in their new homes. :)

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