Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Update.

Two weeks ago we had a scare. We went in for our 16 week check up. Dr. B is looking to hear the heartbeat and can't find it. He is not freaking out outwardly, but he totally rushed us out of the examine room and down to ultrasound. Thank God I go to a large clinic and they have ultrasounds right on sight. We have to wait almost 30 minutes to get our ultrasound. Keith even went up to the receptionist to find out how long it will be for us. What a guy! We get back there and everything is fine. Our baby's heart beat is 146. Keith asked if she could tell yet what we are having she said not usually until 18 weeks, but she would try. Well our little baby was being shy and would not move to get "the money shot" it showed us its face instead.

In about 4 short weeks we are supposed to find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. Keith and I are hoping for a little girl. All the silly wives tales are leaning toward a girl. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are leaning toward a girl. I have had two baby dreams early in my pregnancy that were both boys.

I really want it to be a girl, but more so I really just want the baby to be healthy and happy.

So we started our registries last weekend. We had so much fun. Keith was going around scanning anything and everything. I have found this bedding that I just love at Walmart. I was hoping to find something I loved just as much but at Babies R Us or Target. Target, no such luck. Babies R Us.... we are at the back wall of bedding. Everything, no joke EVERYTHING, has characters of some kind on it. Either flowers and bugs, jungle animals, bears, or disney.... everything. Well I really just want geometric shapes.... stripes, circles, sqaures... that is what I want. I was getting so frustrated that I was ready to give up.

We turn the corner and there on the shelf I see a striped bumper. I look at it further.... on the inside embroidered bugs and flowers.... not exactly what I wanted, but really cute... still love the one at Walmart... until I see the rest of the pieces! Sheets with the colors I am looking for and geometric patterns, a dust ruffle in a solid color and stripes and the piece of resistance (in the best french accent I can muster) the blanket - White with a chocolate brown border, bright pink, light pink, and green circles!!!!! I was stoked... Then Keith says, "Babe what if it's not a girl?" So we look a little more.... SOLD! Bumber in cream and chocolate brown (jungle animals on the inside - my compromise) Green, brown and cream blankets! The pieces even came in blue! So I was sold.

Then I started being a responsible adult and started thinking about everything and weighing it all out in my head. Bumber, Ruffle, One Sheet, One Blanket - Walmart 85.00 Babies R Us - 93.96 - Walmart wins .... Better color choices (nuetrual included) - Babies R Us wins .... More coorinating choices - Babies R Us wins.

Our decision will be made when we know what we are going to have, but I am leaning toward the set at Babies R Us.

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