Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad Move Wifey

I had one of those moments today that I would like to just forget. I made my husband feel like he was worthless, then I blamed him for it. Bad move. If you have ever read any relationship books, this is a major sin. And I have read a few relationship books in my day.

Here's what happened.

First of all we have failed our no fast food June. We were at Taco Bell before the softball game. I wanted to share something funny with my sister, so I texted her. Mistake one - I have not seen my husband all day and I am taking our first few moments together and texting my sister. Something that was not important at all.

Of course my sister texted back, I read it as soon as I got it and replied. This is where I found out Keith was upset. "What am I not good enough company tonight?" Smack, a disrespected husband. I apologize and put my phone away. I should have stopped right there. Nope, I decide to go full throttle. "It's not like you are talking to me anyway."

Doubly disrespected husband. So he let's me know his displeasure. Reminding me how every single time when I get called out on something, I try to pass the buck. I could argue that it couldn't be every single time, there has to be a time or two when I haven't done that to discount the every single. But let's be honest. I do this WAY too much.

My response was, "I am sorry, seeing that we weren't talking I thought it would be okay to send a text." That time I stopped, but the damage was already done.

Obviously I am not perfect. Maybe I should re-read some of the relationship books, Love and Respect, or His Needs Her Needs. What I remember from these teachings from both would apply.

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