Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Busy Sara

This picture show just how busy the weekend was.  It ended with Kaitlyn all but one sock-less.  

Saturday we went to the gym.  Like we have been doing lately, we forgot to make an appointment for Kaitlyn to be watched at the Kids Fit Gym.  Thankfully they had openings in the morning.  We get our workout in and get home.

Once we got home we put Kaitlyn down for a nap right away since it was a big afternoon.  Kaitlyn was going to her first friend's birthday party.  Yes, she is only 10 months old.  Our sister-in-law's niece's son was turning one.  Joel and Kaitlyn get to hang out from time to time, but we would have been going to the party regardless.  An hour before we were supposed to leave I start getting ready (thinking it would be plenty of time) an hour later I am only half ready.  Life of a Mommy!  (Kaitlyn woke up while Keith was in the shower.)

We get out the door 20 minutes late, but showed up right at 2pm.  Worked out well.  Curses to my slightly obsessive nature to be early for everything.  I learned this from my dad.  While we were at the party Kaitlyn hung out with her cousin, "played" with Joel, and "walked" all over the place.  A good time was had by all. 

Sunday rolled around.  Keith had to help Chris with something and that meant that I was not going to be able to make it to church.  (Keith needed the car.)  We kept talking about how we were both going to try to make it to the gym.  We were both so sore from Saturday that neither of us made it in.                                                                                                              I got enough of a work out in doing laundry.  I think I did 7 loads!  In fact it is Monday night and I think the towels are still in the dryer.  Keith really helped out Sunday.  He cleaned the kitchen and cleaned up after dinner.  More importantly he watched Kaitlyn all day.  It was so nice to get things done!  I was able to get all the activities of the week completed and photographed, ready to put on the website.  Not to mention all the other things I had to get done for the business.  It was such a productive weekend.

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