Thursday, November 11, 2010

Month of Thanks #11

Today I am thankful for....

spontaneous decisions. 

Husband had a job interview this morning, praying it all works out for Gods plan.  Well, yesterday I asked him when he got home if he could help me with some of the projects around here with all the festivities coming up.  He said he would help and we would get it all done.  We had a lot of things that we had to move up to the storage room (yes, we have a storage room in our house - we rent and have no basement, so the extra bedroom is used for storage.)  We ended up going through a lot of the storage room items and threw out tons of stuff.  Then he says to me "We are getting this place Christmas ready, today!"  I was completely going to wait until November 26 (There have been years where everything went up November 1st!).  Who am I to refuse the husband something that would bring him such joy? 

No, we didn't get it all done, but the big bulk of it is done.  And the things I need him for are done. 

Today I am thankful spontaneous decisions.  My husband rocks!


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