Saturday, November 13, 2010

Month of Thanks #13

Today I am thankful for....

for listening to my mom when she always said the key to perfect pie crust is using refrigerated water.  So very specific isn't it! 

Are you asking yourself why?  I will tell you. 

I love this blog, The Art of Doing Stuff, it truly is one of my favorites.  Karen has this way of blogging that makes it seem like she is right there talking with you.  She's truthful and funny.  It's really a great read.  (No, I am not getting anything from Karen to mention her blog here.)   

To the story.  On October 6th Karen blogged about baking a pumpkin pie with a pumpkin.  I loved the post and decided I was going to try it. 

Attempt one (3 weeks ago or so) I tried, and didn't have many of the spices, needless to say it didn't turn out with how I tried to doctor it.  Yesterday, I tried again.  I had everything I needed and I followed her directions to a tee.  The pie turned out nicely.  It looked perfect.  As perfect as Karen's does right here.  

Today we tried the pie.  The flavor is still missing something, so I am thinking it will be canned pumpkin for Thanksgiving.  The crust however; nice and flaky, a perfect pie crust!  Side note, I will be purchasing a few more pumpkins because Kaits loves cooked pumpkin.  I would say almost as much as she loves bananas. If I would have let her yesterday we would have not had any pumpkin to make the pie with.  Let me explain something about our little chibbon and bananas.  If she sees a banana is part of her meal she will only eat the banana and throw the rest on the floor.  We now have a rule that if she is getting a banana with her meal she must eat half of the other stuff before she is given a banana. 

So Mom, thank you for telling me the secret to a perfect pie crust is ice cold water and a pastry cutter. 

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  1. Thanks for the pie crust tip! I am now following you!


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