Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Month of Thanks #17

Today I am thankful for... 


I have spent much of the last two days cleaning and organizing.  I do not have too many before pictures.  I should have taken them, but I would really hate to admit how horrible my house looked.  
This all started because of how busy we are going to be over the next 6 weeks.  I posted about it last week.  You can read it here.  

Well this is my storage container cabinet.  Now I know you are saying to yourself, "Sara, who is going to look in the cabinet above your stove?"  Well you are right, no one.  That is not why this cabinet got organized.  While putting away things that were once stored in the laundry room I found a box that contained more storage containers.  I would have just pitched them; however a certain pack-rat-itis kicked in of beloved husband.

As you can see above nothing would fit in this cabinet.  Whenever I had to put things away in here I would end up getting irritated and things would fall out.  So, dear readers anything without a lid is now in our trash.

Nice and orderly.  Will it stay this way?  Not for long, I am not the only one who puts dishes away.
Look at the picture below.  That stuff covers my stove!  Good-bye excess!

The above happened yesterday. 

As did ... the book shelf, sorry no before pictures.  It was bad!  Everything that needed to be out of Kaitlyn's reach was on here.

 Now things are in the storage room.

This is also pretty organized.  Those tubs you can see are all Christmas stuff (mine and what I am holding onto for my mom and sister.)  You can't see the other wall, but those are all business tubs.  Those boxes are knick-knacks and pictures that we either just don't have up yet or want to keep out of reach of the little one. 

 Last night I also organized all the wrapping paper I inherited when my family started full-time RVing. 
(Dad's Blog Just Updated Yesterday)

Today, still feeling the need to organize.  The business was starting to feel a little out of whack.  People are already starting to book for next summer.  We have added a bunch of stuff, such as the blog and the website.  So there is a lot of stuff going on.  Sure you cannot really read anything, but you can see that things are grouped.  Everything going on is laid out right there.  I can see it all.  I can keep track of it all.  My business will be much bigger when next year ends.  I am going to make it happen.

This is what may have started it all.  I started this little project a few weeks ago.  

So today I am thankful for organization. 


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  2. Good job on becoming organized! I'm sure I will be more organized one day - maybe when my kids move out???


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