Saturday, November 20, 2010

Month of Thanks #20

Today I am thankful for ....

the reassurance of parents.

Kaitlyn is being dedicated tomorrow and we are having a dinner after the service at our house. I decorated the cake for Sunday and I took a picture of the cake and emailed it to Mom. The message with the picture. "does this look ridiculous?" after waiting 10 minutes for a response I picked up the phone and called. We ended up talking almost an hour (typical for us at least once a week). In the end she told me that it look nice. My dad even agreed. That's a lot coming from a pastry chef. (Even if he might have been being a little bit more Dad than professional.)

Pictures will come in an update a day or two from now. Yes, I will show you mu less than confident feeling cake.

So, tonight I am thankful for my parents and their reassurance.

The not-so-confident cake

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