Friday, November 5, 2010

Month of Thanks #5

Today I am thankful for ....

the DVR.

Yep, the DVR.  If it were not for the DVR there were be a lot of arguments in this house.  Especially during baseball season.  There of course a spefic reason why I am thankful for my DVR today.  Earlier this week I get a message from the sister - DVR Thursday, then some other personal feelings about a certain Oprah.  These men.... These talented, hot, hot men were on Oprah on Thursday ...

Well here in Cincinnati, Oprah is not on until 4pm.  Now that is a horrible time at my house.  I am starting dinner.  Kaitlyn is usually waking up from her nap.  It's not a time that I can remember to watch TV.  Being the good sister I am I listened to my sister and DVR'ed Oprah.  I then got to watch it this morning while Kaitlyn was napping and the house was quiet.  Ohhhh.. and I was able to only watch their part.  Which is another reason why I am so thankful for my DVR.

These should be in any person's CD collection.

Unbreakable might just be one of the best CD's.  Ever.

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