Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mommy Me Time

What a weekend we had. Saturday we had a Christmas Party and quite a few errands we wanted to get done. Our errands took about 2 hours longer than I wanted to, but when you take the husband to Bass Pro Shops one should be prepared to shop. This is not a complaint by any means, I just forgot about it when I was thinking about the timing of the day.

Why did we go to Bass Pro Shops? Well, you can get a free picture with Santa. It's a really nice 4x6 picture. It's great... Keith looks nice, I look a little weird, and then there is Kaitlyn.... Screaming and pointing to some stranger to get her off this guy's lap! Poor thing. I wanted to just pick her up and not worry about it, but they snapped the picture really fast so she wasn't there too long. I know, horrible Mommy.

I made up for it though that night we were going to her friends house for the Christmas Party. She got to play with A and had a lot of fun. She even fell asleep in a pack and play! This never happens. Keith and I were able to spend quality time with our friends. It was SOOO nice and SOOO needed - for both of us. We really needed to make some friends that were not in Amway. Softball has been a huge blessing.

Today we have way to many cookies in our house for our waistlines. Whatever is still here tomorrow is getting tossed. No offense to my friends, we just cannot eat 4 dozen cookies. (even though I think we have eaten about half of them)

Sunday I ran my few errands before football started. It was basically a quite day. Grocery shopping - I did good last week when this week's only cost $45. I have a show Tuesday so I planned out what we will be making, ran to the store for any needed supplies, and started all the cutting. We did some laundry and played with Miss Crabby Pants. It was a really laid back day.

We were hit with a snow storm which means that Keith will be needing to leave very early tomorrow to get to work on time and he went to bed early. So I am sitting here I have the Christmas music channel on the TV, the Christmas tree is glowing, as is the fire ... it's so relaxing to have some just me time. Then I start hearing yelling and clapping and cursing - the guy who rents the basement apartment of our home (we rent) has people over and they are watching the football game. Right around the same time the TV changes channels on me. I look and I am thinking what is going on around here ... Oh we are DVRing two things at the same time. So now it is me and my iPod. Which is actually nicer, there is no glow of the TV.

The picture doesn't really do it justice.  Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Oh, Merry Christmas and I like your tree. I can't wait until we get our up. It's all cut and trimmed, we're just waiting for some of the snow to melt off before we bring it in the house. (Eeek!) :)

    AubrieAnne @


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