Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twinkle Toes Tuesday Blog Hopping

Not sure how much I am going to get to blog hop today - Kaitlyn is starting to run - she has been walking for 2 weeks now and starting to gain A LOT of confidence.

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TUESDAY TOP TEN - 10 reasons why the BSB concert is going to ROCK!
  1. It's going to be the BIGGEST tour of the summer.  
  2. My sister and I have never been to a BSB concert in KY!  
  3. The concert is on one of our favorite boys wife's birthday.
  4. This is not an album tour so we are sure to hear some of our favorites.
  5. We might get to hear somethings from Unbreakable (only if BSB really want to show NKOTB who the better band is.)
  6. The concert is in the middle of the week.  - overnight stay in LOUISVILLE! (my favorite day-trip city)
  7. Did I mention it's a BACKSTREET BOY CONCERT?
  8. This will be my 6th concert and my sister's 28th.  (not concerts overall - just Backstreet Boys)
  9. Did I mention that the Backstreet Boys will be singing at this concert?
  10. Beautiful voices!  Magnifesent Harmonies!  Killer dance moves!  Howieeeeeeeeeeee!
Yes, I am the sister to the Number 1 Backstreet Boy fan!  This is our not so secret obsession.  PS - we are not excited in the least that NKOTB will be there even though we will know all of their crummy songs.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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