Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessions

Ahh it's that time again! Friday!  Time for your weekly dose of ...  FRIDAY CONFESSIONS!  As I read with one of the confessors - it's like free therapy.

I confess yesterday was a unique day and here is a list of confession why: 
  • I went through some strange emotions when I heard this on Thursday morning.  "I am going to stay home today and help you get things rolling."  This was my husband talking.  
  • The first emotion was excitement.  Then we got downstairs and he just kept, unintentionally, getting in the way.  So the next emotion was irritation.  
  • I wanted to play hookey yesterday and do only fun stuff.  He was serious.  He wanted to get some serious work done.
  • He started in on one project, I started in on another.  We got a rather big ball rolling.
  • We had SO much fun!     
I confess days like yesterday remind me why I married that guy.
I confess this was not as funny as last week and I sincerely apologize.  

I confess I have been lacking when it comes to blogging this week.  It is because I have been doing a lot of work when it comes to Touch of Home Learning.  Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

I confess I have been a horrible chef over the last two weeks.  I make plans of what we are going to have, I try to keep only that stuff in the house so we are not tempted to eat bad - weight loss journey - and over the last two weeks things have just not been working so well.  We went out to eat 4-5 times!  That is more than we do in a month!  I have been a horrible chef!  That will be changing over the next two weeks.  

I confess I found a preschool activity that I love and am going to try.  Oh not with my preschooler, no Mama is going to do this one for Mama!  I got a great deal on a set of 4 frames at Michaels last week.  They will be turned into frames for some Worhol esqe pictures.  I can't wait to try this out!  I need to pick up some watercolor paper before I do it though.  

I confess I have threatened the dog with doggie daycare more than once this week.

I confess I have also considered sending Kaits there - Doggie daycare - maybe that would get her fill of doggies out for a day or so!  My child is obsessed with "Doggie!" every animal right now is Doggie! 

I confess - I have so much fun writing my confessions for the my corner of the interwebs to see!


Happy Friday!

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