Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spontaneous Adventure

Last week Keith was informed (Tuesday) that he had to be in Columbus for a training on Friday.  At no point throughout the week was there mention of Kaitlyn and I going with him.  Friday morning I get up and while I was in the shower I thought.  It might be fun if Kaitlyn and I go with him.  If he would have left before I got downstairs it wasn't going to be a big deal.  I get down stairs and Keith was still home.  I asked him if he wanted us to go with him.  The drive to Columbus is 90 minutes to 2 hours and not fun to do by yourself.  At first he was apprehensive because it would mess with Kaitlyn's nap schedule and he didn't know what we would do all day.

"I have a GPS, we will find something to do.  She can sleep in the car or in her stroller."

We went to Columbus.  She ate breakfast in the car and we rode up to Columbus.

Once we got there I decided we were going to find a mall.  The first "mall" we went to via GPS - a shopping center with a grocery store and a CVS.  Yeah, that's not a mall.  I then figured I would put in Macy's seeing that those are usually in a mall.  Well the second "mall" was an outdoor shopping mall - all the entries were from the outside.  I figured I would try again.  We found a Target and I asked someone the name of an indoor mall.  She told me their was one off of Polaris.  Ahh Ha!

Found it on the GPS 15 miles from where I was.  Not a big deal.  We head off to Polaris Mall - 30 seconds into the drive over there Kaitlyn fell asleep.  Thanks to 2 wrong turns - the GPS didn't inform me which way I needed to turn early enough to get in the correct lane of traffic - Kaitlyn did get a 20 minute nap in.

So we go into the mall and I find a small discovery.  My wallet was still at home!  Thank God I had packed snacks for Kaitlyn at least she would be able to eat those for lunch.  Not a big deal, it's all part of the adventure.  Keith's training was going to be over by 3 so it would just be a late lunch for me.

Well the center of this mall is a large play area based off the Columbus Zoo, where Jack Hannah is from.  For a good 5 minutes she stood in the middle pointing at things, not really sure what to do.  There were not that many kids there which was nice.  Most of the kids there were under 2 (the first time we went to play). 

She was starting to walk out of the play area, so I figured it was time to leave.  We walked around the mall.  Ate lunch, window shopped - yeah, the whole forgotten wallet.  Before we left we went back to the play area.  There were a lot more kids there this time around.  She figured out that you can crawl through the tree.  She figured it out it was okay to play with the other kids and run around.  She kept chasing this little boy who was all to pleased to run from her.

It was time to leave.  When we got back to where Keith was training I let her get out of her carseat while we were waiting - she was about to be in it for almost 2 hours.

We did stop at McDonald's for a late lunch - Mommy was hungry.  I wanted something fast so we could get home beating rush hour traffic back home.  Not even 15 minutes into our drive home ...

Kaitlyn and I had a fun adventure.  This picture tells it all.  


  1. Glad your adventure turned out. I often forget my wallet when my husband is driving and more often than not it cones to bite me in the butt.

    Cute blog

  2. Spontaneous adventures are usually the best! I am a new follower from Explore Play and Learn #5


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