Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Never Really Gets Crusty

So I am at a point where I am making the same meals over and over and over again.  Yes, I am quite bored with them.  Tonight we tried, Crusty Honey Mustard Chicken from  I was expecting to get a nice crunch from this chicken, but I didn't.  In fact it was down right soggy.  I am thinking I am going to try it again and cook it in our NuWave oven.  It seems to be the only way I can cook things to get a nice crunch without frying.  The flavor was great!  I paired it with carrot and zucchini ribbons boiled in chicken stock and brown rice. 

And now I am sitting here ruining the healthy dinner I had with my pint of "New York Super Fudge Chunk" from Ben and Jerry. 

Have a great night!

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