Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hallmark Movies with Books or Songs

The Hallmark Channel is a not so secret guilty pleasure around my house. Starting in November they start showing Christmas movies, and they show them for almost 2 full months! Have you seen my list of Hallmark Can't Miss Christmas Movies? Well, check it out here! Here is a list of Hallmark Movies that are more than just the movie.

 The Ultimate Gift - Movie and Book I read this book before I seen the movie. Both are amazing! 

November Christmas - Movie and Song

Let's be honest, watch this movie and listen to the song with Kleenex in hand. If you have a heart you will need them. Just sayin'.

Christmas Shoes - Movie, Book and Song

Could this be the Hallmark movie trifecta?  Movie, book and song?  Oh and I don't need to mention this, but ummm... ROB LOWE! Again have the tissues close by.  I can't even listen to the song with a dry eye.

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  1. I watch the Christmas shoes every year and I cry every year. Same goes for the song, I can't help myself!


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