Monday, February 20, 2012

Hit by a Bus

A bus has crashed into our little Hickman Five world. Nutshell version: 3 job changes for Hickman #1!  Yea, 3!  He left the job he had for 3 years (in December) before they closed his department (which happened 2 weeks ago).  We thought he was going to a much better situation, the job was NOTHING like advertised.  He has now changed jobs again and it seems that this situation might be a little better, but not much. 

While all of this was going on we were getting so sucked into everything going on in our secular world we forgot to just lay on our faith to get us through.  While at Job 2 Keith asked me, "Hey can you think of a plan on how to survive on these crumbs?"  My said, I will try while thinking ... I can't do this.  Then a song came on the radio.  One of the lyrics is "I need you to be strong enough for both of us right now"  and it hit me.  Why weren't we praying for help with all of this.  That night Keith turned on 700 club and they were talking about prosperity and the biblical points of scripture.

We had forgotten all about asking God to step in.  We started praying.  We started tithing.  We gave to our church on Sunday, they cashed the check Friday, we got a $500 gift card in the mail Saturday.  Now if that is not God I don't know what is.  Pressed down, shaken together and overflowing ... (that's in Matthew somewhere). 

This is not even mentioning what God is doing in me right now.  He re-lit the dream in my heart, but he made it so clear this time.  I had always thought my dream was to be a teacher.  When someone asked me when I was little what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said a teacher and a mommy.  Well I have one of those.  The other has just never worked out.  God over the last month made it super clear my dream has never been to be a teacher.  It has been to make a difference.  He has given me a plan on how to make a difference with families struggling to get a better life, starting with the children.  This plan is so clear there is even a 5 year plan attached to it. 

So yes, we have been hit by a bus around here.  A GOD sized bus, and man does it feel good.

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