Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter: Collage Review

Easter morning Kaitlyn runs into our room - "Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy! Happy Easter Day!" 
"Good Morning Pumpkin." 


I really don't know where she got all this information about Easter baskets and the Easter Bunny, because we have not mentioned all that much about it.  Anyway, we go downstairs and Daddy tells her that the Easter Bunny might have left her an Easter Basket, but he likes to hide things.  She finds Alex's basket first.  Then Daddy helps her look for her basket.  After the goods are found they are inspected, by both kids.  Alex was really into looking into his basket.  The tradition of candy for breakfast has begun.

We were having brunch at my brother-in-laws house.  So, I got everything ready that we were taking with us. 

She really got the hang of the egg hunt after being guided to an egg or two.

We hung out and just spent some family time together.  Four peeps later the sugar high kicked in.  Kaitlyn was a bigger ham than usual.  We played "Plate" (frisbee) and ball.  Alex loved all the cuddles.  

Jesus has risen and we celebrated.  

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