Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I know it was 2 weeks ago and it was just Memorial Day.  But while going through, organizing and backing up the pictures.  Hey I am only sorting and backing up May! Woot.  I am on it with this.  I realized I never posted about Mother's Day other than the gifts we made.

Sunday morning I get woke up in the usual wake up method these days.  One of the two kids needing my attention.  This particular Sunday Kaitlyn walked in.  "Hey Guys!" (where did she get that?) She crawls into bed with us and asks for Disney Jr. I am more than happy to oblige because then I can ease into my morning a little.

We had done the whole family thing on Saturday, so today it was just us.  It was nice, except for the rain.

Keith asked me if I wanted my gifts now, I said sure.  "Babe they are not wrapped so close your eyes."  How did he get away without wrapping gifts?  Anyway.  "From Alex Mommy"  I open my eyes to find a yoga mat in my hands.  So I close my eyes again and get something dropped into my hands.  "From me" In Style magazine - which I find out is a subscription!  Finally, "From Dadddy" - Ralph Lauren perfume.  It's a new one of his.  It smells really good.

"So, a yoga mat so I can go to the gym and get my skinny on.  My magazine subscription so I can get my entertainment on while I get my cardio on at the gym.  And perfume so I don't smell like I was just at the gym.  I love them all!"

Then we go to church and Kaitlyn runs out after with a picture.  "Happy Mommy's Day!"  It was a hand print flower.

I am pretty blessed.

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