Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: Not for the Light-Minded

This is the first book that I got to review from CharismaHouse.  I picked Opening the Gates of Heaven by Perry Stone.

When I picked up this book I was really excited to learn how to get answered prayers.    Stone uses scripture and examples from his life to revel twelve truths he learned from the greatest prayer warrior, keys to recognizing the gates of heaven, what you should do when God says no or delays answers and more. 

When I say he uses scripture, he USES scripture.  This book was very hard for me to read.  It felt that there were times that every sentence referred to a piece of scripture and I would get very distracted by the scripture references (book 1:2).  I had to get to a point where I just looked pass the references to even understand the paragraphs. 

I found that this book was mentally very heavy.  Not only does he use tons of scripture he also writes about what words mean and why they are translated a certain way.  It felt like I was studying a college text book.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I got what the author intended from reading the book.  It could be because I am super strong in my personal knowledge of the bible. 

Taking all of this into consideration - would I recommend this book to a friend?  It depends on the friend. 

Disclosure: I received this book from Charisma House for free. The opinions given are 100% mine.

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