Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Extreme Couponer I am NOT!

So this is what my coupons used to look like.  

The binder itself was not sturdy enough and I was finding that it would be very helpful if I had pockets in the binder somewhere.  

I also felt that maybe my form of organization was contributing to my lack of savings on our grocery bill.  So I did some research.  I found that I was organizing like many of the couponers out there.  I found a few places I could tweek, but for the most part it was the like others.  

But I needed to update my binder.  

I recycled a binder that I was no longer using.  It had pockets in the front and back and a sturdy cover.
I put the dividers in the binder.

I made a list of the different categories.

 I cut out a bunch of divider labels and wrote the categories on the pieces of cardstock.

I divided the categories as needed.  This means that this section is for "Drinks" - the first page is water, 2nd page juice and you can read, but you get the idea.  I then removed all the previous tabs.  

I have used it a few times since I made it and I like it better than what I was using before.  I have found a few places where I still need to tweek - like a table of contents listing the categories in order.  Especially since I am using multiple stores.  

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