Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Ice Cream" Dots - Potty Training Tool

Although this is not a "Feed Me Friday" post I guess it could be since I am posting about food.  We have started rewarding Kaitlyn for using the potty (#2) using "Ice Cream Dots".

This is mainly for making a #2, but that girl will sit there for a long time and try just to get it to come out.  So if she has truly tried for a long time she will get one for trying.

These are guilt free - even to reward my 2 year old.

I took a container of White Chocolate Strawberry Yoplait Light and dumped it into a pastry bag with a tip in the bag.  Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and squeeze out a whole bunch of dots.  Freeze.

When frozen pull off wax paper and store in a food storage container in your freezer.

Yes, I know I should not reward with food, but several places tell you to use candy while potty training.  I figured fake ice cream would be a much better idea.

Enjoy rewarding your child with a super alternative to ice cream.  Then enjoy the giggle when you are reminding her that if she can go she gets ice cream dots when she gets home and you hear your nephew say green with envy - "They have dipping dots at home!"

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