Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

New Carnival Love

Its Ok Thursdays

I have found this through High Heel Love, and wanted to check it out.  Since this looks like super fun I am going to link up!  And not just for a chance to win $25 to Starbucks and $25 to Sephora.

It's okay ...

... to be super stoked that my brother registered our Fantasy Football League.
... for the trash talking to have already started.  Yea that's right the girls are going to take it ALL! We have a secret weapon.
... to let the babysitters put the kids to bed and play on the swings with your hubby.
... to go on a date on a Wednesday.
... to be super excited for ladies night Friday night.
... to use Phineus and Ferb logic to explain silly questions.
... to make a to do list, turn on the Christmas music and get busy - dancing!
... to not worry about all the details today and have fun.

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  1. Good Lord we are funny! I just linked up too. I wanted to for the past 2 weeks but just didn't get to. Ha ha...wait until you read mine. Might have over-shared....


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