Monday, September 24, 2012

{My World Monday} - The Time Has Come

Does it seem like I have just not been around?  It sure feels that way for me.

It's because I have been going crazy.  Okay not really.  However, when things get really stressful I get all flightly and lose whatever focus I had and it all just kinda goes who knows where.

I haven't been super secretive about it, but our finances are all sorts of out of whack right now.  Our monthly in does not cover our monthly out.  So, when this happens the enemy knows that this is a great place to swoop in and get me all sorts of off my path.

When this starts to happen I need to recognize it and realize what is going on.  That is when I need to call on the Lord, not after the fact.

Not only have things just been off track, I was pretty sick last week.

It is seriously time for the Hickman Five to buckle down.  We keep talking it, but we aren't walking it.  If we are not walking it we won't walk it out and be refined by the fire.

We have learned a lot about goal setting over the years.  I have started things over and over again.  God will see us through.  I know that putting this out there is just inviting the enemy in to keep us from it.  Seeing that I am already expecting a battle I am ready to fight this time.

We are done.

We have been praying for God to make things clear about what we are supposed to do.  I believe that he has done just that.  Especially when things come to you when your Pastor is talking about finding you place to do God's work in HIS kingdom.

As a pastor friend of mine said, "When the past comes calling don't answer.  Send it straight to voicemail!" 

This year is going to end differently than it has been all year.  That is it.

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