Monday, October 1, 2012

5 years ... 5 years! {My World Monday}

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  With a big ... fat nothing.  Okay, well it wasn't nothing - but we definitely did not plan for the events of this year very well.

We ended up spending some special time with Little Miss.  She is very interested in tennis.  Hubs found out about a tournament that his friend was playing in.  He wanted to check it out, so we took Little Miss with us.

Hubs was excited to see what the courts were like at the Western Southern.  For any tennis fans out there this is where the Cincinnati US Open Series is played.  He is playing in this tournament next year, and it is giving him a great goal to shoot for. 

Someone else was excited too.  All the way there, "We're gonna watch some tennis!"  We walked up to center court when we got there.  "Hey, do you want to see where Serina plays?"  "YEAH!"  There was a match taking place so we didn't stick around because she couldn't stay quiet yet.

Little Miss had been asking for a picnic a lot lately, so since his friend was playing at 12 we took lunch with us. 

So Hubs' friend won his match by forfeit and we didn't get to watch him play.  Then he said to Hubs, "Do you want to play a quick game?"  Even though he didn't have his racket with him he looked at me with that 'I really want to do you mind' look on his face.  I told him we planned to be here, might as well.

Mama was prepared for Little Miss to get bored.  Yep, crayons, coloring book, cookies and you can see it, but she has the iPod in her hand to listen to "Go Go's"  She watched some, picked flowers, played bounce, colored and basically had a great time.

After the tournament we went to pick up Little Mister (who was being watched by Uncle and Aunt) we went to Lakota Fall Fest with them.

There were several businesses there.  We check them out, played little games and somewhere got this crazy hat.

There was a barrel train that took them around the festival.  The people running it must have thought she was younger than she was because they wanted to make sure she would be okay to ride the train without us.  She did fine.  Plus her cousin was right behind her.  She had a blast!

So the day that I had wanted to be just Hubs and I, a get away from the kids all together and out of town.  Ended up being a fun family day.  I am okay with that too. 

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