Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Review} Ryan's Crossing by Carrie Daws

Carrie Daws does it again.  Her debut novel Crossing's Values is a great read with good morals and values.  Ryan's Crossing continues that trend.

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Ryan is Amber's (main character of Crossing's Values) brother.  He comes to Crossing for Amber's wedding.  Life hasn't been the easiest for Ryan and as the story unfolds you find out about that.  Then one night Ryan asks God a question.  Did God answer?  How did He do it?  What happened to Ryan?

This is what I really liked about Crossing's Values.  It's a Christian romance that you can read any where without blushing.  If Little Miss were a teenager, she could read it and I would not be concerned about she was reading.  Ryan's Crossing continues that trend.  You never read about intimate things between any of the characters.  There are not even any depcitions of characters kissing.

In Ryan's Crossing the Yager family values are described more in detail.  Minor characters from the first book were the main characters of this book.  A few new characters were introduced.  I liked that there was more from Matthew in Ryan's Crossing than in Crossing's Values. 

Like Crossing's Values, Ryan's Crossing is under 170 pages.  It's easy to read and enjoyable.  You do not need to read Crossing's Values to enjoy Ryan's Crossing.

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I won Ryan's Crossing from GoodRead FirstRead contest.  I was not required to post a review. 

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