Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Busy Bags

I have been toying around with where I should post this article -- Toddler Tuesday or Teach Me Thursday.  Toddler Tuesday won out because of the reason behind the activity.

Recently, I took some contact paper turned the edges over and stuck it to the door.  I gave them some cut up tissue paper and let them have fun with it.  As you can see they had a blast.

They played together.

They spent quite a bit of time playing with it.

Figuring they had so much fun with it I would use the activity again.

I made small “sticky” boards for a set of busy bags.  Bags that I want to have to that they can play while I am cooking dinner to keep them entertained.

It was an EPIC failure.  They fought over the boards.  They threw the tissue paper all over the place.  Lead to one frustrated Mama.

How do you keep your kids entertained while you are cooking dinner?

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