Friday, January 31, 2014

Faith Fridays {New Tradition}

I am sure you have heard ...

I would also lean toward ...

I don't really talk about it much here, but I LOVE OUR CHURCH.  There are amazing people that serve there.  They offer tons of classes to help you grow in your faith.  Our new Sr. Pastor is animated and engaging.  We are so, so blessed to have him join our Vineyard family.

We attend a "mega church" and it has a ministry arm that is called the Healing Center.  It is part free store, part job coaching, part healing, part uplifting, part encouraging - all wonderful.

Before Thanksgiving it was announced that The Healing Center would be holding 10 Christmas parties for the people they serve.  They needed us to help.  Husband and I have been looking for ways to serve more.  There are not many ways that we can serve as a family with a 4 year old and a 2 year old.  Plus, it is difficult with our babysitting options right now.   This was right up our alley!  We could serve at home - as treat makers.  We could all be involved.

We served with LOVE and laughter.

I packaged up our goodies and dropped them off at the Healing Center the day of the or day before the parties we were serving.  I said a quick prayer over our goodies - that the people being served at The Healing Center would feel God's love at this time of the year.  A time of the year that can be really hard on some people.

My prayer for us as a family is that we will find more and more ways to serve together - and more than just at Christmas.

How do you serve God in your family?

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