Monday, August 11, 2014

Homeschool Preschool in Tiny Spaces

If you have been around the blog here for any length of time you may have heard that I am currently living with my in-laws.

If it were not for the set up of their house it would have be working as well as it is.  When I say well, it's not like Keith and I are not both daily - okay how much longer God?  We also recently closed out our storage unit - we were tired of storing stuff we didn't want anymore.  We blessed several families with our goodies and saved ourselves quite a bit of cash.  That meant though that I had to bring more stuff into our already tiny space.

We are also homeschooling preschool and we just didn't have a dedicated space to do things.  I was constantly having piles of stuff everywhere and toys lined the room.

So I made some changes. That were all spurred by one comment on this picture I posted on Instagram.

Would love to see how you set up your week.  -- umm, how can I show that? I take pictures of what we do, but there is really no set up or set out stuff.  Because we had no dedicated space. 

Until now.  Let me present our preschool corner!

The space itself is oh, 5 by 7, 6 by 8 - It's tiny.  There is enough room for me and the kids to closely work.  Not only does this corner now work for preschool.  It barricades a lot of my mother-in-laws stuff to keep it safe.  

Now for our tour.  

As you can see on the picture these things are on top of a set of plastic white drawers.  This bad boy needs its own post.  This is the Barbie command post.  Dolls, accessories, furniture - it's all in there.  It is not really in the preschool corner but it makes a good top shelf for these small things.

And although you can't really see it, behind this writing desk looks like a white set of shelves.  Well that is our Barbie house.  So the Barbie drawers need to be there too.

Then comes the tiny centers area.  In the most GHETTO, most unique cheapest storage shelving unit known to man.  You can't really see them, but on top there are two little buckets with chalk and dry erase markers for the writing center.

The top of this storage unit will also be where I keep our science center items as we use them for the week.

Then there is our work table.  As we are using the corner we are finding out that we need more light back here.  And we are finding out that Little Mister prefers to do work at the desk than the table.

More tiny centers with storage.

This final picture is on top of the quiet time drawers.  It is a great place for me to stick all the stuff that we are going to need for the week and just take one day to get as much of it together as I can.

Some people might think that it is a little looney to dedicate this space to school time.  But it is used for way more than just when we "play school".  It is used when we pull out playdough after nap.  It is used when Little Miss wants to play with "bigger girl" toys.  It is used for puzzles.

But moving things to this corner we were also able to spread things out into the rest of the room and separate playtime when needed.

I think the biggest blessing of living here is that I could honestly say that I don't need a big house to be happy.

Feel free to pose any questions about our corner or homeschooling preschool below!

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