Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas A to Z: V is for Volunteering

V is for Volunteering.

I mentioned that I extended myself a little too much this past season at church.  I added 2 more parties than we did last year and passing out gifts.  The part that over did it was the 2 extra parties.

Passing out the gifts was an eye opening experience.

At the Healing Center they help HUNDREDS of people every week.  From job coaching to food and clothes.  I was handing out Christmas gifts in the "Market".  I was giving each guest a set of knives and a cutting board.  More importantly I was looking them in the eye and giving them a warm smile.

I saw everyone from the elderly to the working single mom.  From the extremely humble to the resistant and proud.

Our church helps so many people. I knew it in my head, but I saw it with my own eyes and I couldn't believe it.

I think what hit me the hardest though is how little the "Market" actually had to help them with the personal care items.  That is going to get worked into our 2015 goals, how can we help out more.

What are you taking with you from some of your service work this year?
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