Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas A to Z: X is for ...

X is for ...

Okay, I really struggled with this one. I couldn't decide to use x-mas (and since that would be a more negative post - and who wants to do that on CHRISTMAS EVE!

Excitement.  Okay, yes doesn't start with x, but the sound is the same.

Excitement of Christmas surprises - like going for a drive to just look at lights.

Excitement of Date Nights because your babysitter insists on giving you sitting for gifts.  - I am okay with that!

Excitement of not being afraid of going up and down on the carousel.  

Excitement of being able to bless others. 
Or the lack of excitement of having to clean up the house today.  :) Not to mention the excitement that is going to be ever present tomorrow morning.

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