Friday, January 9, 2015

#BestSellerSaturday Week 2

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you have had a great week! Mine has been super productive and I have hit a personal milestone with selling on TpT.  I posted my 100th product!

I am going to really miss my husband being home during the day to watch the kids so I can get some really devoted time to work. Although I am going to miss it I will be thankful for the regular paychecks again. Praise the Lord for Teachers Pay Teachers - because of Teachers Pay Teachers I was able to make sure we have groceries for the next few weeks while we are waiting for that first paycheck.

Now for the reason we are here today #BestSellerSaturday!

We are sharing our best sellers of the week.

No Prep - Snowmen has brought in my highest sales this week.  Here is a peek in side.

These printables include letters, words, numbers and math!  They are common core aligned. You can check it out at my TpT store.  

Please share your #BestSellerSaturday product below. This week we are sharing our Best Seller of the week.  (1 Paid and 1 Free).

Thanks for linking up!


  1. Thank you for this! I can't wait for more to be added so I can check them all out!

    1. You are so welcome! Not sure how long you have been around, or if this is your first visit. Weekly there is this one, What's New Wednesday and Throw Back Thursday. Come back and link up often! Thanks for visiting today. Feel free to pin away!

  2. So sorry I missed this Saturday! will try to submit next Saturday - and thanks so much for this fantastic opportunity, Gina (PerfettoWritingRoom) PS All the products are great.

    1. Sorry you missed out! I will be here next week. Wednesday I will have What's New Wednesday for your newest products and Thursday will be Throw Back Thursday - throw back to last week, throw back to last year, throwback to when you first opened - it is up to you! Hopefully you will be able to link up!


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