Friday, April 3, 2015

Focus Friday


First things first it is 8:30 on a Friday and my family is still sleeping. So Praise The Lord - I am getting some quiet time even with having decided when I went to bed I was going to let God wake me when it was time to get up and not my alarm clock. ... FYI this is a dangerous prayer, there have been times when God wakes me at 3:30 am. I looked at the clock and was like ... Okay God if I am really supposed to get up THIS early you will fill my head with scriptures about how the lazy sleep. Then those scriptures come an hour later! 

I have started getting up around 5 lately and it is actually really nice to get those several hours of quiet time before the house gets up and running. As Franchesca says ... before the Crazy Kicks in.

Oh my has this song spoke to me lately. I have tons of plates to keep spinning. I feel like I keep adding more too.

1. I sell Educational Resources on two websites. I have been really active with one and more passive with the other. I am trying to be equally active on both and that is harder than I thought.

2. I am a blogger. I am a reviewer. I am a writer. I feel like this is one of the plates that keeps falling and crashing.

3. I am a Jamberry Nail Wraps Consultant. (This one is super new.)

4. I have joined Boom Boom Prints to sell artwork.

So many plates. So many plates. Because all of these are online ventures I also have to do all the marketing, promoting, relationship building -- crash, spin, crash, spin. Oh man that plate does not like to keep going.

Let's not even mention the fact that I am Mama. I am Wifey. I am friend. I am sister. I am sister-in-Christ. I am daughter. I am princess (I am the daughter of The King after all).  Ohhh.. and I am Sara, I forget her often. That is the plate that is usually sitting over there on the floor.

(Time to take care of kiddos and finish while they eat breakfast.)

I have big jobs and life likes to spin out of control. Not only do we have my plates, but we have Hubsy's plates to keep spinning.

Here is what we need -- we need to be two octopi united as one (since we are married and united as one anyway). We would have 16 arms and we would be able to keep it all going.  God has it all wrong!

God made us with two hands, that is it. When we get married we both only have two hands ... our hearts and lives might be united, but our bodies ... not so much. God did it this way so that we would lean on HIM.

I heard something (again really) but it was really profound the way that I heard it this time.

It is time to take some time and focus. So today will be Focus Friday. Take all these plates, list out what I need to do for each. Make a schedule to work like it all depends on me. I also am going to write something around my schedule that reminds me that I need to extend myself grace and I need to quit trying to achieve way more than is realistic.

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