Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teaching Tuesday: Back to School Tour

Last week I was able to have an entire day to label and set up my room. Here is your virtual tour.

I had so much fun decorating my room. Let's get learning! Back to school 2015.

Welcome to The Purple Panda room. We are a room of old 2's and young 3's.

It is back to school time and I wanted to jump in with all the sharing of my classroom spaces.
This is where we do all our large group learning. I have trays that we use when we are doing things right here on the floor. Every day during circle time we answer a question. This week we answered "How do you eat?" and they sorted food into spoon, fork or fingers.  I love this chart!
Die cuts don't have to be used in the shape or color they are cut out in. DIY color blocking of die-cuts.
I added little labels all over the room. You can clearly see the cots one here. The very first locker is where I keep teacher circle time and large group activities. I also keep our carpet squares there.
All About Me math task cards. Teaser of an upcoming Teachers Pay Teachers update.
My learning centers are small -- my room is small, so my centers need to be small. This is great for my kids because they are able to interact and engage. I keep things simple. I add as many theme oriented things as I can. Our theme at the start of the school year is All About Me, Family and Pets.  

I used the pre-primer sight words as part of my decor.
Above my writing center are great things needed for the learning to write and read.. Like letters with phonic pictures and pre-primer Dolch sight words. They are able to use the chalkboard as much as they like and I have chalk available at all times.

Hey Teachers, Parents and Home Educators! Check out my room.
This poster is actually one of my favorites. It is my "Theme in the Real World" It is pictures of families, kids and homes throughout the world.

Since I have extra lockers they are used for teacher storage too.
This is my teacher supply corner. I spent a lot of time sorting and organizing this corner. This locker is also used to hold one of my 31 bags that I use to keep our week organized and my activities in one place. Also, every single thing I do has to be able to be broken down EVERY Friday. All organization must be portable, small and functional.

My art center can actually accommodate all 7 students.
I love art. My kids love art. I have three art sections to my art center. The white table is our standing art space. This is where we mostly do our play dough. There is a drawing tablet on the wall for free drawing and the table for seated art work. Since my room can only have 7 kids I can usually just flatten the shelf and fit everyone around the table when we are doing large group art. These are end tables from IKEA.

I am such a science nerd it is sometimes hard to keep my science exploration contained to this little space!
Discovery and sensory is all about our Five senses during this theme. This area is a cramped so I am trying to find another solution.

Textures, textures, textures - 5 senses sensory bin. Cotton balls and paper. All it needs now is some pasta.

We had a decent first week. I have found out things about them and they are learning their new environment.

I feel like we have not had enough interaction with the learning centers, and I feel like our centers time is much too long for this group, so I may be breaking things up some. Like moving our question of the day to the middle of center time and adding a second activity to it. Only time will tell. I have 2 new ones starting Monday so .... shall be interesting.

Let me know what you think! I love your comments.

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