Sunday, August 17, 2008

521 weeks, but who is counting

Friday night we played games - Imagine If then Apples to Apples -- Concert gardens and Fragrant Japenese. We even spiked our mom's drink. It was great. Kriby enjoyed seeing Mom and Melissa again. Saturday we went to the art museum and a few parks. Then it was concert time!

521 weeks ago (8/2/1998) Melissa went to her first Backstreet Boy concert. It was at Marcus Amplitheater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In attendence were the five Backstreet Boys - AJ, Brian, Nick, Howie and Kevin - Melissa, Sara and Jenny Brazy. Fast forward ten years and one week. We are attending Melissa's 21st Backstreet Boy concert at the Fraze Pavillion in Kettering, Ohio. In attendence were the four Backsteet Boys - yes we lost Kevin - Melissa, Sara and Katie (Jenny was unable to attend). Oh and we can't forge Bailey. He was the cutest announcer ever.

The concert itself was great. We experienced a great mix of old and new. They each also sang things from their solo projects. Melissa is definately the number one Backstreet fan. She screamed every song expcept solo's for AJ, Howie and Brian. She knew Nick's. Making her the number one fan. Katie sang everything except the solo's making her the number two fan.

Melissa almost fell doing the "Everybody" dance, none of us had a voice when we left and the concert was in a Park -- Great memories attached to another Backstreet Boys concert.

For the record - I do not care that people think I am crazy for going to this concert. I had a great time and made great memories. The music was great too.

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