Sunday, August 3, 2008

I have an amazing husband -- I won't apologize if that makes you ill.

I need to brag on someone.

I have the most amazing husband in the world. I am so proud of him. In June we sat down and wrote out where we would like our business to be in 6 months (January 1, 2009). We wanted a certain franchised structure, we wanted a certain amount of volume following through the group, we committed to doing certain things each week, etc. We also have been taking a serious look at our growth, both business growth and personal growth. We have been serious about getting the job done. Not just one of us, but both of us.

So we started truly developing a list of people we knew to run our business concept past them. Keith has been getting some great results. I am too, his are just manifesting a little faster.

Well Saturday he went to Memphis to get a new team started. He got one of our mentors in the car with him and one of our team leaders. The three of them left at 8 in the morning. They had a great time. It was not only fun, but successful. They drove back the same day pulling in at 5 Sunday morning. He got home, crawled into bed and said - "Tonight I totally felt crazy." I looked at him and said, "Sure, but we are destined for greatness." I gave him a kiss and we went back to sleep.

He is so willing to do whatever it takes. It's not just what it takes -- it is whatever it takes. Yes, I didn't go with him but it would have been a blast if I were able to go. Next time, hopefully. He is always looking for more people to serve, more people to help, and just when you think you can't serve anyone else, he will find us more. I am excited about what his is willing do to for our future.

Keith - Thank you for going out and earning my respect everyday.

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