Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When your name is on the line

I guess when you are passionate about something you take things a little more seriously.

This year I have gone into business for myself. It has been so much fun and there are new and exciting things everyday. Today was not one of those fun and exciting days. Today was one of those days where you experience, you learn, you worry and you move on putting your faith in The One who provides.

Today - first of all I am glad that I choose to do the bubbles class for the free event today. When it flopped for the most part I can make adjustments and move forward. Like #1 - do not add anything to bubble mix, especially do not mix 2 recipes to make a better bubble solution. This does not work. #2 - there are not enough activities in this class to keep their attention. #3 - The bottom line is did kids have fun? When the answer to this is yes then it was a good day.

As business owners we try, fail and adjust. Today was one of those days.

That then leads me to the worry part. With my business everything I do is to glorify God, the one who gave me the talents and abilities to run this business. So I pray that He guides my friend throughout the event she is doing tomorrow. In the secular my name on the line with this show and future business, but this is God's business and I know that she won't let God down. So I cast my worries to Him to take them away and to control the situation because He is the one truly in control.

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