Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have many titles.

Picture from First Mother's Day

I have many titles:

- Woman
- Daughter
- Wife
- Mommy
- Aunt
- Sister
- Business Owner
- Child of God
- Friend
- Work at Home Mom

None of these titles I take lightly, and I am sure there are others. Everyday I strive to be the best (fill in title) I can be.

I am the owner of a preschool entertainment/education company. That seems to be exploding at the seams. I thank God for it everyday. This blog will discuss all aspects of my life. Seeing that Child of God, Mommy, Wife and Business Owner seem to take up all my time it will probably focus on those.

This blog will cover recipes, activities for preschoolers, books, websites, articles, other blogs, faith and anything else this crazy world throws at us.

My hope with this blog is to encourage, uplift, and be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with. The same thing I strive to do in my "real" life.

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