Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Really ?!?

It's been a almost two months!  Really since my last post it's been that long?  Wow.  I guess I didn't keep up as much as I would like.

A lot has happened in two months that I am sure.  One thing is that Kaitlyn's crawling.  She is no longer doing the worm which is great.  She gets around much faster now.  Over the last few days she is learning that when I tell her to not go somewhere or to turn around she will come back to where I am.  This is great, and I know it will only last until she starts pushing the envelope to see what she can get away with.

Let's see what else - on the business front we have launched a website.  It's at www.sarahickmanstopsecretscience.com.We also have started a blog for the business.  It is at www.sarahickmanstopsecretscience.wordpress.com.  We are trying really hard to get the word out there about the business.  We also brought on an intern to do graphic design/illustration for the curriculum packets we are going to be offering.  It's been a very busy time.

On a more fun note.  It is autumn and we are starting to enjoy fall festivities.  Saturday we went to The Great Pumpkin festival at Keehner Park.  Kaitlyn really enjoyed herself.  She pet a donkey, laughed at a pony, "walked" through a straw maze and a "haunted" trail.  Next year she will have much more fun than she did this past year.  The had inflatables for the kids to jump in and a corn box for them to play in.  Obviously things she was too small for.  Pictures to come soon.

She is an amazing little kid.  I can't believe she is going to be 10 months old on Monday.  Wife-hood is calling.  Maybe the next post will not be 2 months away.

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