Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaving it Til Tomorrow

As I sit here scanning posts from the blogs that I follow I am seeing things that are making me say ... oh yeah I should get on that...

1. I need to get the invitations out for Kaitlyn's Dedication
2. Christmas is coming I need to update my address book
3. What are we going to do for cards..... photo cards/newsletter/generic
4. Clean the kitchen
5. All of the work that didn't get done today that is just continuing into tomorrow.
6. Put the laundry away.
7. Is the trash by the curb? (simple, ask husband - answer yes! yippee)
8. Clean living room.
9. What are we going to do with all the storage stuff that has somehow taken over our great room (which is basically unused by us)
10. Should I make a doll to fit in the Elmo costume that Kaitlyn freaks out if she wears it?
11. What are we getting Kaitlyn for birthday and Christmas?

These are already purchased.  One will be birthday and the other will be Christmas.

Needs to be added to stroller, a doll that will sure to fit.

Thinking these might be a good options for her "Santa" gift.

12.  What sort of things should I be getting Keith?  He has mentioned that he wants good cologne. 

Yum....  Or....


13.  Throwing a White Elephant Christmas Party?


And this could all stress me out ... typically it would.  However, I guess it seems just so far off.  When in actuality some of these things are just two weeks away.  However, it is almost 11pm and it will all just wait until tomorrow, or the weekend.  Or I guess it all just needs to be prioritized.  That sounds like a great job, for tomorrow.

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