Friday, November 5, 2010

Holiday Gift Issues

Grocery shopping conversation last night.

Husband, "So I talked to BIL and told him we would need Christmas lists from B, S and C. You are going to be mad, but all B wants are gift cards.  He told me where, and i understand why.  He wants to hit the after Christmas Sales."

Husband was correct.   I got mad.  B will never, ever get a gift card from us as a Christmas Gift.  EVER.  Did I mention NEVER!

B will never get a gift card from us because 3 Christmases ago I gave in and agreed to get B a gift card.  B never used said gift card.  The following Christmas S used gift card to purchase Christmas gift for B.  S informed me while Christmas shopping together.  Now at least it was used to get something for B.  However, if you want a gift card for Christmas you better use it.  Especially if you want to "hit the after Christmas sales."

This is all aside from the fact that gift cards have ruined people's ability to give gifts.  They are a horrible thing to ask for!  They are basically telling the person shopping for you "I do not trust your ability to purchase anything I would like, even if I gave you a list."  Or it is saying "Your taste in everything just sucks, so let me do it for myself." 

I am sure that I am not the only one who hates gift cards.  The part that I hate more is the fact that people know how I feel about gift cards and still 1. ask me to get them for them and 2. give them to me as a gift.  (ps cash is the same thing!)  Put in the effort to get me a gift!

This is the exact reason why there is a rule in our house "Wants are not purchased after October 1st."  If you want something you can write it down and let people know when birthdays and Christmas roll around.

That is my holiday gift rant.  B will be getting a gift not a gift card, like it or not.  He told S something he wanted from Santa, S told me of item.  I will be purchasing item and not giving gift card.  Sorry B, maybe you will figure this out at some point, but I am not holding my breathe.

Hahaha Should get for other B.

Potential second gift.

Ohh.. Another good idea.

Haha gift for other B.

Good gift giving is all about thinking about the other person.  I know this might be hard for some people.  I like giving gifts.  I like finding things that the other person needs or wants.  I think I am a pretty good gift giver.

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