Monday, November 22, 2010

The Fourth Hickman

This is our fourth Hickman.

Besties - Rocky (Black Lab) and Kirby

This is Kirby. He is a beagle coon hound mix.

I find myself saying this phrase MULTIPLE times a day. "Don't feed Kirby." Now Kirby would eat ANYTHING. In fact Kirby has eaten pretty much everything. Newspaper, paper towels, socks from London, homework, yes homework, shirts, bed skirts, tee-shirts, underwear, and plenty of food the third Hickman has thrown down to him. And it is not that Kirby couldn't use a few extra pounds. This phrase is said because Hickman #3 would rather throw her food to Mr. Kirby than eat it because she thinks it is funny.

Kirby is a strange dog. He likes to wear clothes. He has been dressed up for Halloween and even owns a Santa Suit thanks to my Dad.  Kirby likes to sleep under blankets.  I am not just referring to the blankets covers of our bed.  Any thing that will cover him up and keep him warm.  He loves to play, hates cats and squirrels.  When he breaks free from his wonderful home he takes the same trek every-time down to the end of the street following the creek.  His nose will get him in trouble if we let it.

He is our beloved hound.  And my sister tries to steal him every chance she gets.  He does not get mentioned that much in the blog, so this post is to you fourth Hickman.  Kirby Aloysius Hickman.

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