Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letters from Santa

Time to get the letters from Santa in the mail. 

This all started last year when I found a fun site.  Free Letters from Santa Claus.  I filled out the form, printed the letter and got a letter sent to my nephew.  Well to get a letter back from Santa it has to be mailed by Dec. 10th. to North Pole Holiday Cancellation, Postmaster 4141 Postmark Dr. Anchorage, AK the letter will come back postmarked North Pole. 

All year long I have been keeping track of things that happen in Kaits' life.  Things like when she started crawling, eating, sitting up .. all those first year accomplishments.  We wrote it as if it were coming from Santa.  We added the Ho Ho Ho's and reminders to be good.  We did address "naughty" things she might have done.  Things like pulling herself up using the dogs collar.

We are getting her 3 page letter in the mail, so she can get it back from Santa, a new tradition in our family. 

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  1. We did this last year and I will totally be doing it THIS year too!!! It's awesome!

    Hey- thanks so much for leaving your wonderful comment on my touchy topic tuesday- and thanks for the PC comment, and how you hate it- I will TOTALLY be using it, if you don't mind, for another TTT coming up soon.


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