Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Month of Thanks #23

Tonight I am thankful for ...

a husband who does want me to be happy and listens to me even when I might not make sense. 

Husband went into work late today because I needed someone to be with Kaits while I had an event.  This was very nice because ...
  1. He has a very large goal to hit for his sales this month, and it is a short month.
  2. The event was right here in our town and I did not have to get up 3 hours before hand to get Kaits up and get her to the sitter (which is a 45 minute drive in the mornings).
  3. When I forgot something he got it for me and ran it out to the car.
  4. I came home to an empty dishwasher, and fed and napping child.
  5. After work he put all the chairs away from our family room from the party over the weekend.  
  6. Suggested that I go to the gym to get some me time.  (I declined the offer and slipped into my favorite shirt and yoga pants - stress level dropped 5 degrees instantly.)
  7. He realized Mommy is needing a break and put Kaits to bed.

Thank you God for a wonderful man in my life.  Even when I don't realize all the little things that he does for me.  He listens and wants me to be happy and that is huge.


  1. What a wonderful thank you!

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