Sunday, November 7, 2010

Month of Thanks #7

Today I am thankful for family.  They might cause headaches, they might cause stress, the might cause out right arguments.  But some of the own a Wii and the might have purchased this....

This purchase leads to several hours of dancing and laughing.  And a 7 year old getting adults to play with him the whole time.  Everything family does to us to drive us crazy.  They do something to show us that we actually are important.


  1. Hi Sara, I'm now following your blog now... It doesn't show that your following mine yet. I had trouble following yours a few days ago... looks like its working now. I will also be doing a month of thanks... great idea! :)

  2. Hi Sara! Thanks for the follow and the writing tip about I'm on my way over to check it out! Now following you, as well! Great blog!



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