Monday, November 8, 2010

Month of Thanks #8

Today has been a busy busy day.

Today I am thankful for the little sweet things. Usually, I am a leave me a note, write something on my Facebook wall, send me a text out of the blue, those are the little things that I adore. However, today Husband stayed home from work to be here with Kaitlyn while I had events. I asked him to start the car for me and carry out what I needed for the event. He does, and 10 minutes later I am leaving. I get to the car and start to leave and I hear something.... The wonderful sounds of Christmas Music.

When we left the car last night that was not the station that was on.  What a wonderfully sweet thing to do.

Star 93.3 starts playing Christmas around Halloween and continues straight through to Christmas.  For me this is AMAZING! since I listen to it starting in July.  (Not constantly, but I do turn it on from time to time.)  Star is the local Christian station and plays Christmas music to spread the Good Word of Jesus.  

Here are some of our Christmas favorites!






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  1. Hi there! I'm stopping by from Whispered Inspirations! Thank you for coming by! I LOOOOOVE Christmas and I am also one to start listening late October, early- November to all the Christmas Carols. It's my favorite time of year!


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