Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November - Month of Thanks

I truly feel that Halloween kicks off a crazy holiday season.  One that I LOVE!  This month ends with Thanksgiving.  While perusing some blogs today I saw that someone was blogging what they are thankful for all month.  I though that is an amazing idea.  It was a blog on Mommy Blogs, and here is her link http://www.abloggymom.com/

With some of the personal things that I have been dealing with this is something that I am also going to do.  I have never blogged everyday for 30 days and that itself will be a challenge.  It may actually help me to stick with something and accomplish something.  Again, something that I have been dealing with.

So ... November 1st .... I am thankful for ....

him, the love of my life, the man God wanted for me.  This is my Husband.

Why am I thankful for him, I am not sure I can even list all the reasons why.  I think the biggest reason why I am so thankful for him is because Keith believes in me.  He wants me to be the best that I can be and not for how it will make things better for him.  He wants me to be the best I can be for how it will make me feel.  He pushes me to be better and supports me and lets me reach for my dreams.

Sure things are not always roses, but even with the downs there is no one that I would want to go through it all with.

These are some of the books that I have read about keeping my relationship strong with my husband.Fireproof is an amazing movie about rebuilding your marriage.

November 2nd ... I am thankful for .... Being able to be at home with our daughter.

I am building a business while I am home, so I am not just a stay at home mom. I am a work at home mom and it is hard, but it's the life I want. My husband works his butt off at a job that he does not love to keep our bills paid while I build Touch of Home Learning. I am thankful that he believes in me and the business. He trusts me and I am thankful for that.

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