Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wow, it's a busy time of year!

Oh my goodness I realized today just how busy things are going to be.  Yes, it is already November 10th.

Here is what is going on:
November 19th Christian Business Expo
November 21st Kaitlyn's Dedication
November 25th Thanksgiving
December 5th, Saint Nick
December 10th White Elephant Christmas Party
December 18th Kaitlyn's First Birthday
December 19th Christmas with Warner's
December 23rd Nephew's Birthday
December 24th Brother's Birthday (no festivities, but still gift getting and mailing)
December 25th Christmas
December 27th One Year Dr. Visit for my baby.  :(
December 30th Father-in-Law's Birthday
December 31st New Year's Eve (which will have to be a celebration, hopefully as nice as last year)

Yes, that is basically something every week.  We are only about 1/3 finished with our shopping, so we have to fit all that in.  We have to decide what we are doing with cards this year.  Our great room (which is where we will be doing all these festivities) has become a bit of a storage area since we don't use it.  Up until last night we might have also been moving with all of this going on.  Thank God we are not moving right now, I am not sure I could have handled it all. 

I can get through all of this, it's not really all that different from last year., or any year for that matter.  I guess I was more on top of things last year with my due date being Christmas Eve and all.

All I really need to do is sit down and de-clutter my mind by making a few lists. These are some of the things I use to do it.

Yes, Crayola Markers.  It brings me to a simpler time in my life, and it helps me focus when things are in color.  I don't know why it just does.  These are also an acceptable option.

(The extra fine or ultra fine point is a must)

When I am really stressed and needing to feel good about all my organization I tend to put it all in a pretty journal/notebook.  One like this.
I like art, so this would be soothing to me.   A journal is not a requirement.

With all the dates of things coming up a calendar of some kind is needed.  I am a business owner, so I am keeping track of all sorts of things.  Now I add on parties, dr. appointments, and extra curriculars.  I love me a nice planner.    I have had mine for a few years so I only need the refill.

One thing that I also start getting together at this time of the year are addresses. I have two address books.  One is right in my planner.  The other is near the computer.  One like this would work nicely since it is refillable.

Armed with these few essentials, an inspiring pencil (Christmas at this time of the year or course!), and my trusty post-it notes. The next 6 weeks will unfortunately fly by. As organized and stress free as a Canadian Geese V.

All my essential, minus the planner.

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