Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Month of Thanks #9

Today I am thankful for strangers that stand up.

This comes from two places today.

1.  The dog park.
Back Story:  I had events today at 11am and 1pm.  Kaitlyn was being babysat at Nana's until 2:30pm.  By the time I got home from Nana's it would be 3pm just to turn around and leave again at 4:30pm.  SO we went to the dog park (Kirby was also being dogsat at Nana's).  Treat for Hickman Number Four.

It was rather busy there today.  As to be expected on a 68 degree afternoon in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Everything was going fine.  Kaitlyn's shoe fell off and Mr. Stranger's dog picked it up and took it to him.  He returned missing shoe.  Later, man with white dog and brown dog shows up.  Said man's white dog jumps up onto the table I am sitting at and Kaitlyn is sitting on.  I first take her off the table.  White dog starts to lick me and tries to lick Kaitlyn.  I am saying, "Okay, Okay, Hi, get down."  Owner of white dog is too busy talking to others to deal with dog.  I then hear owner say, "Casper get down." in a voice that no dog would remotely listen to.  I decide I am going to get up and walk away from the table.  Mr. Stranger then says, "Man, she has a baby! Help her out, it's your dog."  When I got up and walked away Casper got down, and owner did nothing.  But Mr. Stranger at least stood up to help. 

2.  Blogosphere

A new follower, Brae,  has a great blog.  She tackles "Touchy Topics" on Tuesdays.  Today is the topic of Christmas.  Here in Cincinnati the stores start setting it out September 15th.  You can go in your Santa Suit for Halloween!

Here is the link to her post today. 

I commented, it's long.  I won't apologize though.  She too is a stranger who stands up.  As Christians it is something we all need to do more of.

So there is today's Month of Thanks.  Thank you to Mr. Stranger Dog Park and Thank You Brae, you took a stand.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm now your newest follower! :) Looking forward to reading more.

    Lisa xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for linking my blog! And thanks for your AWESOME comment on my Touchy Topic Tuesday! I don't care how long it was, it was wonderful to read!

    I'm sorry about the dog park. I have heard lots of stories like that- seems like people think dog parks are free for alls. It's awesome that the stranger stood up for you and your baby!


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